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Thoughts on the “Don’t Say Much” music video


 My early twenties have felt like life on steroids. Everything is amplified. Contentedness is JOY, sadness is MOURNING, ambivalence is MADDENING INDECISION. And contradictions are at an all-time high. I am at once aimless and fulfilled, frustrated and hopeful, cynical and faithful. And life revolves, revolves, revolves… around ME.  


“Adults” (anyone older than me, always and forever) will often tell you that this is the time of life to focus on yourself – on your career, your achievements, your résumé. I’ve believed it.  


With my whole heart and mind and soul and strength. By word and deed, by what I have done and by what I have left undone. I’ve been running down the proverbial dream, chasing success in the music world and believing that it’s not only my aspiration, but really and truly my purpose in life.  


But I know, I know, I KNOW that life doesn’t work that way. How does it work then, Rand? What’s this thing all about? Honestly? Hell if I know.  


Here’s the most frustrating part about it: I just keep talking about it – life, that is. I talk and talk and talk myself in circles trying to make sense of everything that I’m feeling and thinking.  


But here’s something I’m learning: action is required. Serving, doing, loving. If there’s meaning to life, it’s not going to be felt or found inside. We need community, connection, love. Hands held, bellies fed, bodies clothed. I really am tired of talking about it.  


So. I suppose there’s no tidy way to wrap this up. No call to action (yet), no non-profit startup or passing the offering plate.  


Right now, this is all I can give: a song and a video. A personal and public declaration of devotion to making my life say more. And an invitation for anyone who feels the way I have felt – directionless, selfish – to do the same.

- Rand